Aqua Rapid AWEN Women’s Bodyshape One-Piece Swimsuit

Size (Bust in inches): 38"
Sale price$50.00


AWEN is a bodyshaping one-piece swimsuit from Italian Swim concept makers, Aqua Rapid. We really like the quality of the fabric that has been used in these costumes, which is soft to the touch but provides a firm, supportive fit.

The stylish, well-shaped neckline with collar results in a unique look for this model of the BODYSHAPE line. The contrasting side inserts accentuate slim, sculpted figures, while adjustable straps mean you can find your ideal fit.

Shaping cups with Secret Support, for optimal firmness and comfortable support, give a secure fit and great freedom of movement and the soft lining helps with shaping the tummy and hips without restricting movement.

This costume also has a small hole on the back.

Leg cut with comfortable coverage and classic fit, for optimal firmness.

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