Karakal Comp 27 Tennis Racket

Grip Size: G1
Sale price£24.00


The Karakal Comp 27 provides beginners and recreational tennis players with a combination of power and control. The head of the racket is a generously sized 101in2 (650cm2), making bit easier to use while the racket also offers great feel and good playability to allow for gaining more confidence and developing skills on the court. Weighing 270g (9.5oz), the racket is lightweight and has a head light balance for increased manoeuvrability. Enhanced gripping power is delivered by an extra thick and super-absorbent Karakal PU Super Grip, whereas thanks to an open 16x19 string pattern the racket packs more power and spin. It comes with a 3/4 cover for protection when not in use.

This is a 27” racket, which is a full sized racket suitable for an adult. The grip sizing option pertains to how thick the grip handle is and ascends numerically. 

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