Ignis Pro Gel Mouthguard - Senior (Age 11+)

Mouthguard Colour: Black/Orange
Sale price£10.95


The Makura Ignis Pro gel mouth guard a super tough SHOKBLOKER outer with a GELFORM Liner to provide protection and comfort together in a reasonably priced product, which is available in 5 colour options.

This is our top-selling gumshield. To fit, you simply boil some water and put the gum shield in for the period specificed in the enclosed instructions. This makes the gumshield soft and pliable. You then take it out the water, give it a quick dip in a glass of cold water (to take the sting off the heat) and then pop the gumshield in your mouth and bite down. 

What makes the Ignis Pro different to other mouthguards is that your teeth actually make an impression in the gel, giving a really secure and comfortable fit. The structure of the outer also makes this gumshield tough enough to handle the rigours of rugby, hockey and other contact sports. 

Junior - Age 10 and under
Senior - Age 11 and over

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