SISU MAX Next Gen Gumshield
SISU MAX Next Gen Gumshield

SISU MAX Next Gen Gumshield


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SISU mouth guards offer more protection with less mouthguard. This is their thickest with highest level of protection,but still only 2.4mm thick - thin enough to talk, breathe and drink normally.

They are also remoldable upto 20 times so you can update the fit as their teeth change!

What about protection?

Not only does the SISU come with a $35,000 limited 1-year dental warranty from the manufacturer (which you register online), it features Crumple Zones on the front to absorb impact forces, and is powered by Diffusix technology, which makes it even stronger. 


Unlike most gum shields on the market, the SISU actually comes flat. You still fit by dipping in hot water (instructions in the pack), but its design allows for a most customised fit, so you get better protection and more comfort.


The SISU Aero is best suited to athletes aged 11+. 

Other Info

SISU mouth guards do not include a case.