Srixon Z-Star (sleeve of 3)

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The New Srixon Z-STAR is designed for the Golfer who insists on the highest possible performance available. The new Z-STAR creates increased ball speeds and first-class greenside spin rates. The ball is a three-piece construction ball with Fast Layer Core Technology which ensures lower compression and creates an enhanced softer feel thus gaining advances in launch and distance.

The new 338 dimple pattern improves aerodynamics and benefits flight - ball control and ultimately distance gains are inevitable. After launch the new dimples generate lift, driving the ball upward and maximising glide distance during descent. Considerable research and development have gone into the new Srixon Z-STAR to improve shots from all types of lies, especially the rough where significant gains have been achieved. The outer Skin/Cover material is not only highly durable it creates a more consistent outer layer. A new, slightly thicker (0.1mm) thermoplastic urethane cover features Spin Skin with SeRM (Slide Ring Material) a durable coating with flexible molecular bonds, it digs deep into wedge and Iron grooves to increase friction on chips and pitches.

The Srixon Z-STAR creates low spin off the driver's face and a mid piercing flight characteristic that slices through crosswinds and produces longer carries and more roll out. Many PGA Tour golfers play and love this ball, including the 2019 Open winner Shane Lowry and the Super consistent Japanese player Hideki Matsuyama to name just a few. If a Tour Pro can make significant gains, think of the possibilities for you

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