Increasing Our Impact While Reducing Our Footprint

The sporting goods industry is full of waste, much of which ends up as landfill. We want to steward the resources and position we have as a business and individuals to ensure our positive legacy is as big as possible whilst leaving an environmental footprint that is as small as possible.

That's why we've done - and continue to do - the following:

  • Hockey Stick Trade in Scheme. Trade in your old hockey stick and get 15% off a new one in store. The only condition is the stick you trade in must not be broken. Worn out grips are fine! These sticks will be tidied up and sold on used, giving the stick an extended life.

  • Footwear Trade in Scheme. Bring us your old (clean) footwear and get 10% Off a new pair of full price shoes in store.

  • Key partnerships: We have partnered with SOEX UK to ensure traded in footwear (and clothing) goes to good homes. Items which we accept are collected and end up in shoe and clothing banks or get recycled. 

  • Free, Same-Day Delivery in East Lothian. Our super-fast, free local delivery allows you to access the quality goods you need with high quality service and the goods don't have to travel far to get to you. So that means fewer vehicles travelling less distance. In Haddington, we actually do many deliveries by bike! 

  • Recycled packaging. Where possible, we use recycled packaging on our online orders and are working on reducing our use of plastic to the point of elimination. 

Sustainable product lines.

Where possible, we choose to stock quality product lines at good prices which are sourced in sustainable ways. Some examples in our product range would be:

  1.  Buffs, which are made from recycled plastic bottles.
  2. Keen Footwear, which are made from sustainably sourced leather, recycled plastic bottles and feature a natural enzyme based odour eliminator.
  3. Swimwear. Select styles in our range are made, again, from recycled plastic bottles.