Getting the right size of hockey stick is important. Play with a stick that's too small and you'll be endlessly stooping and end up with a sore back. Have a stick that's too big and it can be unwieldy, make it more difficult to develop your skills and you may just joust yourself in the tummy with it if it gets caught in front of you!

So, for those simple reasons, getting the right size of stick matters. So how do you do that?


Like the pirates code, sizing hockey sticks is more guidelines than actual rules. The basic guide is to stand tall with the stick standing straight up next to your leg. The top of the stick should come up to approximately in line with your belly button/hip bone.

Sounds simple, right? Well...


People come in all shapes and sizes. This is particularly pronounced with kids, where their proportions and where they are holding their height can be exaggerated as they grow.

For example, someone with particularly long legs and a shorter back could end up with a stick that is disproportionately long compared to their overall height. Likewise, a long back and shorter legs could mean someone ends up with a stick that is short, vs their overall height.


Ask an experienced coach at your hockey club or come in store and let us help you. As much as we sell our hockey sticks online, we would highly recommend you select your stick in person. Sticks, as much as they look similar, all have a slightly different feel once they are in your hands so its best to handle them first to make sure you get the stick that is the right size and feel for you. Not to mention making sure you really like how it looks - that matters too!