Here at Leisure Time Sports, we try our best to do our bit for the environment. Part of that is by recycling old trainers, which we do through our partnership with SOEX UK. They take the shoes we collect and they end up in a couple of different places: 

1. If they've still got life left in them, clean shoes go to shoe banks - this is ideal!

2. If the shoes are battered to bits or no longer fit for purpose, they get broken down and turned into textiles. 

This Easter weekend, we're offering you 10% off a new pair of trainers when you bring us an old pair to recycle.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is available in-store only. You can only use one discount per pair of shoes, so if you give us multiple old pairs against one new pair, the discount remains at 10%. On the flip side, if you bring us one old pair and buy two new pairs, you will get one 10% on one of the pairs. So, in short, one pair of old shoes = 10% off one pair of new ones!

This weekend only (25/05-28/05/22), you can also use this offer against already discounted Sale and Special Offer footwear too!