ATAK Fortis Gel Mouthguard - Blue

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The Atak Fortis Gel Mouthguard has quickly become one of our favourites. We try and test everything we sell and only bring it in if it's upto scratch. 

What we love about this mouthguard is that there is more gel then in many other gel mouthguards on the market, so when moulding it we got a really comfortable and secure fit first time. 

The gel allows for the teeth to be incredibly well covered, without the mouthguard feeling bulky, and the fit is so secure, it stays completely in place - no slipping down or dropping off the top teeth when your mouth is open. 

When moulding, we recommend carefully reading the instructions - the Fortis needs a little longer in hot water than others do, but those extra 45 seconds or so are entirely worth the wait!


ATAK FORTIS mouthguards' easily mouldable high-grade EVA creates an exact impression of the teeth, guaranteeing a secure fit and improved airflow. The combination of comfort and strength makes ATAK FORTIS stand out against the competition. 

CUSTOMISED GEL FIT - Gel-fit liner material takes an exact impression of the teeth providing a comfortable fit.

TWO LAYER TECHNOLOGY - Soft gel-fit inner layer for easy moulding and strong outer layer that absorbs shock.

STYLE - Dual Colour

Senior - Ages 11 up
Junior - Ages 10 down


White/ Green

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