Fitness Mad Peanut Massage Ball

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The Fitness Mad Peanut Massage Ball is a dual massage ball design, perfect for rolling out tight muscles. We love it for a few reasons: 

1. It doesn't squirm out and run away from you like a regular massage ball can - it is because it's shape means it can only really roll in one direction.

2. The dip allows the ball to get close into your back muscles, without putting pressure on your spine.

3. It is great to use for massaging your neck, shoulders, hips, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

So in short, this is an ideal tool to have in your kit bag for helping to reduce muscle pain and tension and can be used before or after exercise, or as a general massage too.

How to use for back massage: Standing next to a wall, place the ball into position between your back and the wall ensuring the dip is in line with the spine (i.e. Not touching) and each side of the ball against your back muscles. Leaning against the wall with the ball between the wall and your back, roll up and down lowering yourself into a slight squatting position and then back to upright again. Ensure your feet are approximately hip width apart – do not let your knees over-extend over the toes when at the lowest point of the squat.

  • Ideal for back massage
  • Use before or after exercise
  • Releases tight and uncomfortable muscles
  • Self-massage

Product Details:
Brand: Fitness-Mad
Colour: Light Blue/Grey
Dimensions: 14cm (L) x 6.5cm diameter (at widest point)
Weight: 190g
Material: TPE
Warning: This product is not suitable for use by people with back injuries. Consult with your doctor before use, or before starting any new exercise programme.

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