Kookaburra Vex Hockey Stick

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Length of Stick (Inches): 36.5"
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The Kookaburra Vex hockey stick is made with a blend of materials to give you power and feel, while the MBow 410 and skill zone gives greater ball control when playing. It’s ideal for players developing their skills in the club and school setting.


  • 25% Carbon
  • Dual Core
    • Used throughout the Kookaburra range, our DualCore construction creates high power with the perfect blend of playability and control.
  • MBow 410
    • Optimum Point 24.0mm @ 410mm
    • Taking things to the next stage, the M Bow 410 emphasises the M Bow 310 effect, by creating a more prominent bow further up the shaft.
    • The result, unparalleled levels of playability and power.
  • Precision Edge
    • The backhand edge has been precision flattened, enabling perfect execution of ‘back hand’ shots
  • Skill Zone
    • Concave stick face shaping holds the ball with ease, giving unbelievable close control. 3D skills, drag flicking and aerial prowess.
  • Pro Cushion
    • The Pro Cushion Grip is designed to give hockey players ultimate grip in all weather conditions

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