Mizuno Womens Wave Inspire 17

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Shoe Size (UK): 4
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We are excited to have the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 in our range because it is such a high quality and versatile shoe. It's designed for runners who overpronate (foot rolls towards the instep as you stride) or for people trying out running for the first time.


The cool thing about the support in this shoe is it doesn't really affect your foot unless you roll onto it. So if one foot tends to overpronate  and the other doesn't, this should would give support where needed without being overbearing where it's not.


Cushioning wise, Mizuno have added their new Enerzy Foam heel wedge, which increases the cushioning. They have also updated the fan-shaped wave which runs through the midsole from the heel to the mid foot - this functions a lot light a spring board, absorbing impact and then giving it back as energy as you step off.


All of this amounts to a soft, smooth feeling ride with the cushioning and support your feet need for pounding the pavements.

The Wave Inspire are great shoes for everyone from beginners putting their best foot forward, to people training for their first marathon.

WEIGHT(G): 240

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