1000 Mile Reprieve Womens Run Anklet - Twin Pack

Size (UK Shoe Size): LS (3-5.5)
Sale price$20.00



We are super excited to add these socks to our range - that's because our friends at 1000 Mile have taken their soft, breathable, comfortable run anklet socks and made them out of recycled materials.

And not just the socks either - the packaging, right down to the wee plastic tag that holds the socks in the packaging, is made from recycled materials! 

That's all just an added bonus to an already excellent run sock, which has padded zones on the heel, toes and ball of foot to offer superb comfort and shock absorption, with the padding on the heel extending upwards to protect the Achilles tendon.

The top of the foot section incorporates a ventilation mesh in it’s design.  This reduced bulk on the top of the foot makes the sock feel lightweight and helps to increase breathability, keeping your feet cool.

The arch bracing helps keep the sock in place during wear whilst the Y shape heel gives an exact fit on the foot.  The flat toe seam helps to reduce irritation and rubbing on the toes.

An extra bonus - they're sold in a twin pack so you're getting two pairs at a great price. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a pack today!

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