Srixon AD333

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Srixon AD333

What we like about the Srixon AD333 is that it's a premium, lower-compression golf ball at a really reasonable price.

The official marketing blurb about this ball says it delivers "superior, balanced performance for golfers who demand exceptional distance, feel and green side control."

What that really means is that it is a really great ball for mid to high handicappers and casual players who want a quality feel without forking out a lot of money.

There are some real quality design features that make this ball great for that type of player:

  • It has a lower compression for a straighter, more sustainable ball flight, especially for players with moderate swing speeds.
  • A feature called Fast Layer gives the ball exceptional feel and ball speed but with maximum distance,
  • the 338 dimple pattern that provides less drag and more lift to boost overall distance and accuracy, even when it's windy.

We sell these balls in boxes of a dozen and sleeves of three, both in-store and here online. 

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