UP Advanced Insole with F3D

Size: M
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We're really big fans of the UP Advanced Insole with F3D because they are just so comfortable!

F3D is an advanced 3mm foam dampener that dissipates upto 95% of shockwaves generated by each step, which is especially significant on hard surfaces like roads, paths and hard trails. These vibrations can create little soft tissue injuries in the lower limbs which eventually can lead to conditions like plantar fasciitis, bruided heel pad, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, patella tendonitis and others. 

So how do the insoles help?

Well, these insoles have a PU foam core and a TPU arch brace which creates a wonderful combination of stability, support and cushioning. They also help to align your feet properly making running and walking easier and more comfortable. One more perk is that they have a moisture wicking lining to help keep your feet feeling fresh.

These insoles are also super adaptable, so you can use them for running and walking, but also for rugby, football, basketball, racket sports or whatever activity it is that gets you up and moving.  


 Size UK Shoe Size
XS 2 - 4
S 4.5 - 7
M 7.5 - 9
L 9.5 - 11
XL 11.5 - 14

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